Hello, I’m Harriet (she/her), a generalist designer from the Philippines. I love ube (ooh-beh), jean jackets, and refrigerated coffee.

For the design leads and hiring managers:
I love helping passionate people turn their simple ideas into profitable businesses. I’ve worked with global clients to create memorable brands and impactful products for over five years.


Pages below are locked and can only be accessed with a password. If you're interested in reading more, please send me an email to hello@harriet.design for the password.

A colorful illustration of the Hescom Chef knife cutting a tomato into two. A hand on the upper right corner reaches for its handle.

Designing an online cookware brand from the ground up

Hescom Kitchen is a European kitchenware company based in the Netherlands. I worked with the company's owner and saw over 300% growth in profit in 4 months.

Project Roles: Website Designer, Marketing Designer, Content Creator, Graphic Designer​, FB Ads Designer

Client: Hescom Kitchen

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A colorful illustration of 3 candles as a hand on the upper left side is lighting one of them.

Re-designing for a more versatile and consistent brand

Bastian is a lifestyle brand that promotes non-toxic and eco-friendly candles. Its ethos is living the life you are deserving of. I was lucky enough to collaborate with its founder to do research and align the brand identity and design with its products and purpose closely.

Project Roles: Branding, Label Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing Design, Research​

Client: Bastían Life

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Photo of an African-American woman in a white blazer, edited in black and white. The background is a deep pink/purple.

Growing an empowered brand through consistent design

I had the privilege working with Courtney L. Sanders and help her grow her brand and business as her in-house graphic designer. I focused on the design of her rebrand, made sure every output was consistent with each other, creating brand consistency.

Project Roles: Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing Design​

Client: Courtney L. Sanders, LLC

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An illustration of a locked chest in purple. A purple hand on the upper left side is dangling a key.

The Locked Chest

A showcase of my recent works from multiple clients. Designs varying from logo design, brand design, and web design. Can only be accessed with a password.

Project Roles: Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing Design​, Logo Design, Packaging Design

Client: Multiple

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More about Harriet

Portrait illustration of Harriet. Asian/Filipino woman wearing a black-rimmed glasses.

I'm a generalist designer with over five years of experience working mostly with small businesses globally. Also a recent Taylor Swift fan (folklore is a lyrical masterpiece).

As a designer, I get excited when I work with people who share my enthusiasm. I value collaborating, communicating, and being kind to others. Ideas are powerful but the people behind the work are critical for success.

I′m interested in topics such as LGBT+ and feminist-themed media, psychology, animation, illustration, and fitness.

When not designing or doing coursework, I read fiction books, watch campy TV shows, or spend time with my little sister.

The reason you would create anything is because you love it enough to see it exist.